Ergo’s music has a stark melody, an enveloping electro-acoustic texture, and empathic imagination. Their sound has been described by critics as music from Sun Ra, Steve Reich and Sigur Ros. With the release of “Hearsay”, (Fresh Sound-New Talent), Brett Sroka, trombonist, began to explore beyond Jazz and was particularly drawn to the endless array of electronic music. After hearing Radiohead’s “Kid A”, Brett Sroka was inspired to combine electronic sounds and techniques with an improvisational live group. He began to write music after being surrounded by synthesizers, software, and his Boston friend Damion Reid. Carl Maguire was also asked to join the group. They began performing in New York City and the Northeast US in 2003 and a unique dynamic developed. Their debut CD, “Quality Anatomechanical Music since 2005”, was recorded by the band. All About Jazz – NY voted it the “Best Debut CD of 2006”. Shawn Baltazor, Reid’s drummer, was replaced that year by Ergo at Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Jazz Festival. They performed at the Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington D.C., in 2007 and Risonanze, Venice in 2008 Ergo signed in 2009 with Cuneiform Records, a stalwart avant prog label. They released their second cd, “multitude and solitude”. In addition to performing again at Sonic Circuits, they opened for Jandek. Sroka’s teacher recommended Sam Harris, his former schoolmate and Maguire quit the band in 2010. The band performed at New Languages and the New York Slide Workers Union Trombone Festival. They are currently working on music for a new album based upon loops cresting, crashing with miniature motific structure, and expanding their sound with piano and prepared piano. from

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