Eric Starr Group

The Eric Starr Group is a vocal and instrumental jazz group. Their music is a unique mix of modern jazz, sophisticated pop and Brazilian flavours. The Eric Starr Group (ESG), at its core, is a collaboration between Eric and Nelson Starr. The Starr brothers are third-generation musicians from Western New York. They have been performing professionally together since childhood. ESG was formed by Eric and Nelson Starr in 2003 to showcase Eric’s innovative jazz compositions as well as Nelson’s powerful tenor vocals. Eric Starr and Nelson Starr both have a wide range of talents. Eric started his life as a drummer extraordinaire, but quickly became a talented percussionist, pianist, and composer. Nelson is also a triple threat: he is a skilled pianist, guitarist player, and singer. He is also a talented mix engineer, whose talent gave ESG’s latest album its full, rich sound. As the leader of ESG, Eric is featured as both a stable rhythm player and versatile soloist, while always maintaining the position of sole composer-in-residence. Eric is also a composer for chamber ensembles and classical piano. Eric has received numerous awards, including three Meet the Composer grants. He is currently working on an orchestral suite. Eric draws inspiration from jazz and rock styles as a drummer. “I have always been interested genre bending. Eric said that he is not a purist. You may also hear hints of Joe Morello and Steve Gadd, Elvin Jones, Paul Wertico, John Bonham, Bill Bruford and Bill Bruford in Eric’s drumming. Nelson’s innovative vocal approach to ESG is a plus. Nelson’s voice is more reminiscent of pop/rock singers like Jeff Buckley, Sting, and Graham Nash than most jazz vocalists. Nelson claims that his singing style is ultimately influenced by “wanting more to sound like a trumpet player.” (Eric’s father was a professional trumpeter). Nelson’s trumpet-like singing is especially evident on the song “In the Spirit.” from

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