Eric Vloeimans

Eric Vloeimans (1963), a Dutch native, is widely regarded as Europe’s top trumpet player. He has a remarkable talent for creating original music of outstanding quality. Vloeimans prefers recording original compositions on his CD’s. He is not a restricted composer, but he also has the ability to create his own style. He is a creative writer who has a great sense of humor and respects the traditions. Eric Vloeimans’ great musical talent and expressive power in music have been recognized by the Boy Edgar Award, four Dutch Edison Awards, and the Elly Ameling Oeuvre prize. He also received the Bird Award at North Sea Jazz Festival. Eric Vloeimans was active in many ensembles over the years. His recent Gatecrash band and the Eric Vloeimans quartet have been acclaimed as Holland’s best bands. His versatility is evident in Vloeimans performances with many other formations. He has been able to perform with international and national artists due to his musical talent, great sense of humor and easy-going personality. Eric Vloeimans is now able to share the stage alongside many of the most respected and well-known musicians in jazz and beyond. He performed with Pierre Courbois and Marc Johnson. Eric Vloeimans has been a part of many musical collaborations. He played with many artists and groups all over Europe, South Africa and Indonesia. His travel experiences have influenced his work. Eric Vloeimans’ music has a remarkable ability to bridge cultures and reach people around the globe. From

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