Erik Deutsch

Erik Deutsch is a pianist, composer, arranger and teacher. He is a talented and creative player who can lend his talents to a wide range of musical endeavors. Erik, who spent a decade living in Colorado, is now a Brooklyn resident. Erik is currently performing and recording with Phillip Phillips and Shooter Jennings. He also has performances and recordings with Alice Smith, Rosanne cash, Theo Bleckman and Jim Campilongo. Recent performances include Devotchka with Steven Bernstein, Devotchka with Steven Bernstein, Devotchka with Ben Allison, Steven Bernstein, Joe Russo and Trevor Dunn, Erin McKeown and Scott Amendola. Charlie Hunter’s first keyboardist, Erik, was his first. The trio traveled the world during their three-year tour. Highlights included performances in Russia, Turkey and Greece, Morocco and Mexico. Mistico was released in 2007 by the trio, and Baboon Strength in September 2008. Erik’s latest record, Demonio Teclado, was released in the early part of ’12. The group includes Jon Gray, Jeff Hill and Benjamin Rubin. You are invited to delve into the world of psychadelic and soul jazz. Hush Money was released by Erik in November 2009. Hush Money features Mike McGinnis (reeds), Sara Schoenbeck, Jonathan Goldberger (guitar), Jonti Silman (bass), Marc Dalio(drums), Marc Dalio (“drums”) and special guests Eric Biondo and Barry Saunders (“bari sax”). The musics are a glimpse into the cinematic world of Deutsch’s compositional genius: synthesizers and dreamy reeds blend with warm analog tape to create the psychedelic soundscapes of his chamber-rock songs. Hush Money is a culmination of Deutsch’s musical influences throughout his life. In August 2006, Erik’s first recording, Fingerprint, as a leader was recorded in Colorado. The session features nine new compositions by Deutsch and includes Jenny Scheinman (Jenny Scheinman), Ross Martin (Ross Martin), Todd Sickafoose (Tug Sickafoose), Janet Feder and Ron Miles. Sterling Circle Records released Fingerprint in 2007. Erik’s 2001-formed group, County Road X performs cinematic-Americana music. (Imagine a Stanley Kubrick/Sergio Leone double feature with an electric Miles Davis soundtrack). Another long-term project of Deutsch is Triangle, a trio featuring Art Lande as drums. The group is focused on a broad repertoire and explores modern rhythms and harmony. from

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