Erin Boheme

Erin Boheme, a native of Oshkosh in Wisconsin and jazz singer, was just 18 when her debut album was released on Concord. However, her search for a record deal began long before that. Boheme began singing at an early age and was encouraged by her parents to pursue musical endeavors. The young singer, who was only 15, flew to Los Angeles with her mother Susan to meet managers and labels. However, nothing ever happened and Boheme continued to sing at graduation parties and weddings in Wisconsin. Boheme received word that Oshkosh pianist Mike Melvoin had been nominated for a Grammy in 2004. She contacted Melvoin to express her gratitude. Melvoin became impressed by Boheme and asked her to join him on his own records. The material quickly made its way to Concord where it was released in 2006. Boheme released her second album, Michael Buble-produced “What a Life”, in 2012. Allmusic

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