Esa Helasvuo

Composer, Arranger , Pianist, Lecturer born. 9. 3. 1945 n1952-1966 piano-courses in Sibelius-Academy youth department n1966-1969 solo department courses, majoring piano n1969-1975 Music Dramaturgist in Finnish Broadcasting Company, theaterical department n1975-1985 Sibelius-Academy, Music Education department. Vice lecturer n1979-1982 Finnish Theatre Academy. Vice lecturer n1985-1991 Sibelius-Academy, Music Education department. {Hourly instructor n1991- Sibelius-Academy, Music Education department.|Hourly instructor 1991- Sibelius Academy, Music Education department.} {Lecturer of improvisation and keyboard-harmony n1994-1997 Sibelius-Academy, Music Education department.|Professor of keyboard-harmony and improvisation 1994-1997 Sibelius Academy, Music Education department.} Department Head n2000-2002 Sibelius-Academy, Music Education department. Department Deputy Sibelius Academy Music Education department, 2002-2008 Lecturer of improvisation and keyboard-harmony 2008- Freelance musician and composer from

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