Espen Eriksen

Although the jazz world does not lack piano trios, it is rare to find a trio that has a unique musical style. Espen Eriksen Trio is a highly melodical and lyrical ensemble that uses elements from Scandinavian folk, melancholia, and deep woods. Although it’s jazz, their approach is much more minimalistic than most of their peers. They have structures that sound almost like pop songs, and a strong emphasis on melody and short solos. To a huge positive response from international and Norwegian press, the trio released “You Had Me at Goodbye”, their debut album on Rune Grammofon in march 2010. Nearly a year later, the album is still being praised by music magazines around the world. In January, the song “Grinde”, which was featured on the “Critics Choice CD”, Jazziz published a summary of 2010 that included the song “Grinde”. The “You Had Me at Goodbye”, Espen Eriksen Trio has been a big hit at jazz venues like Molde Jazz, Maijazz and Vossajazz as well as Sildajazz and National jazz scene (Victoria), Kvarteret and Hadeland Jazz Forum. Nilsen, and many others. The trio has been performing at festivals and clubs for over a year and delivers an impressive live performance that leaves audiences wanting more. Espen Eriksen (piano/komposisjon), Lars Tormod Jenset (bass), Andreas Bye (trommer) from

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