Euge Groove

Steven Eugene Grove, better known as Euge Groove (born November 27, 1962), is an American smooth jazz saxophonist. He has a strong Top-40 record. He was born in Hagerstown in Maryland and graduated from the University of Miami School of Music, in 1984. Grove’s first solo album was not recorded until 2000. He had previously replaced Richard Elliot as Tower of Power’s guitarist when Elliot wanted to pursue a solo career. Grove also worked with several pop acts including Expose, the Miami girl group. He played a solo sax on the No. He has a solo sax on their No. 1 hit, “Seasons Change,” as well as another on their 1993 hit, “I’ll Never Get Over You” (Getting Over Me). Grove adopted the name Euge Groove. Although initially believed to have been a result of fans seeing him in Europe, Grove later stated that it was his mother-in law who came up with the idea for the stage name. Euge Groove’s most well-known solo hits include: “Sneak A Peek,”” “Slam Dunk,”,”Rewind,” and “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight.” “XXL” and “XXL” are his most popular. His latest hits include “Get “Em Going”, and “Chillaxin”. S7ven Large (2011) and Born 2 Groove (2006) are solid albums, as well as Livin’ Large (2004), Play Date (2004), and Livin’ Large (2004). He recently released “Sunday Morning” another album. He toured with Tina Turner in 2008 Grove and Bane have three children: Dax, Canyon and Lilah Belle. All music

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