Eva Novoa

Eva Novoa was born and raised in Barcelona, where she began her piano studies at a young age. She studied Jazz in ESMUC (Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya). 2005 was her first trip to New York, where she attended workshops at Ralph Alessi‚Äôs School for Improvisational Music (School for) SIM. Eva moved to The Netherlands in 2005 and studied at Koninklijk Conservatorium. She received a Bachelor in Jazz Piano and Master in Jazz Composition, and was also awarded a full scholarship from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. In 2012, she was a pianist teacher at the Jazz Department. Eva recently produced and recorded three CDs featuring her own music. The third album, “Butterflies u0026 Zebras”, was recorded by Eva with her New York Quartet, Ditmas Quartet. It features Michael Attias, Max Johnson, Jeff Davis, and Max Johnson on bass. Amandine Pras recorded the new album at Sear Sound in New York in June 2015. It was mixed and mastered in New York by Jeremy Loucas, sound engineer and producer who won the Grammy Award for Best Album. Her debut Trio, featuring Masa Kamaguchi as bassist and Marc Lohr as drummers, was also released on Fresh Sound New Talent in March 2012. Fresh Sound New Talent also released her second CD Quartet, which features Ernesto Aurignac (alto saxophone), Masa Kamaguchi (bass) and Andre Sumelius (drums). Eva Novoa, who arrived in NY in 2013, has been performing at places like The Stone, Barbes and Korzo Konceptions Music Series. She also performed at IBeam, Cornelia street Cafe, ShapeShifter Lab, Sycamore Bar, and other venues. She often plays with Jeff Davis or Billy Mintz, saxophonist Jeff Davis, and bassplayers Max Johnson and Matt Pavolka. Since 2006, she has been a student at Sophia Rosoff’s classical teacher. Eva is currently based out of New York City, since 2012. Eva is currently based in New York City since 2012. She is a regular pianist with the West Coast Big Band. Their third CD, New Dutch, was released in October 2009. She was able to perform with Greetje Kauffeld and Deborah J.Carter, as well as Dutch chromatic harmonica player Hermine deurloo. She has performed with many musicians in Holland, including Ruud Jacobs and Sjoerd Diijkhuizen, Marcel Serierse and Simon Rigter. In 2011, she was on tour with Sara Serpa, a Portuguese singer who is based in New York. They were presenting her album Mobile in Europe. She also worked in Holland for the multi-award winning musical production Soldaat van Oranje De Musical, which was the longest-running and most popular theatrical production ever held in The Netherlands. It attracted millions of people. Eva also co-produced and recorded another CD -Novoa Moreno Prats Trio, Bajo Cero- which was released by New Mood Jazz in 2012. Recently, she recorded a duo project in The Netherlands together with Pal Nyberg, a Swedish guitarist. Soon to be available on the EP special edition. Visit http://evanovoa.com

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