Eyes Of A Blue Dog

Three-piece electronica trio featuring vocals, drums and trumpets. Filtered through 1970s Milesian metafunk. Garcia Marquez’s 1950’s magic realism inspired this band. Eyes of a Blue Dog’s band name is derived from a short story written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Latin American ‘Magical Realist’ author). This recording evokes some of that novelette’s dream-like narrative and sense of mystery in their debut album Rise. This is a new and exciting collaboration between Rory Simmons, the North London LOOP Collective trumpeter (also playing guitars and electronic devices), Terje Evensen, the acclaimed Norwegian drummer and ambient electronic soundscaper Terje Evensen, and Elisabeth Nygard, a UK-based singer-lyricist. They combine elements from underground electropop, postrock, and austere instrumental electronicsa. This is the type of electronica that has its roots in jazz and experimental improvisation, which Simmons and Nygard, an ex-Leeds-based LIMA Collective singer, have made significant contributions to. From facebook

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