Eym Trio

EYM Trio achieves the perfect balance of unconventional rhythms and melodious harmony through their music. Their music is a subtle and exciting mix of playfulness and sensibility. EYM Trio was formed in France in 2010 by Elie Dufour, Yann Phayphet, Marc Michel and Marc Michel. They quickly built a solid repertoire, including covers, compositions, and originals that were inspired by the ethnic influences of Jazz, with music from India, Bulgaria, Romania, North Africa, and Romania. EYM Trio is inspired by the great rhythmic influences of Jazz masters from the past. Their music is visually appealing and inviting because of the wide range of their compositions and improvisations. 2010 – Band formation, experiments, and connection. Growing up musical identity. 2011: With the help of French masters, they were able to perform together on the Amphitheater of Opera of Lyon and at the festival “Un doua de Jazz”. 2012: They continue to tour. They have been named finalist in the following competitions: “Jazz(s),ra”, Golden Jazz Trophy (award), Jazz a Oloron”, Jazz a Vannes (award), and Bucharest international Jazz Competition. They played at the “Festival Moz’Aique”, “Jazz a Vienne”, and “Festival de jazz de Grenoble” respectively. In 2013, they recorded their first album, “Genesi”, in Italy thanks to EYM’s collaboration with Le Havre. After a performance for Moz’Aique festival, they fell in love. This marks the start of live shows outside of France. They are also requested to perform at the “Saint-Fons Jazz Festival”, “Altitude Jazz Festival”, “Magic Mirrors”, and “Crescent Jazz Club”. This year they were finalists in the famous “Rezzo Focal Jazz a Vienne” competition. Elie Dufour suffered a broken left arm shortly before… They performed a lot in Europe and presented the disc “Genesi” in 2014. They continued to tour in France, Italy and Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, and Slovenia. They sold over 1.500 disks all around the globe, which were distributed in Japan by “Disk Union (Tokyo). EYM began a collaboration with UpMusic agency (Venice) to book an italian concert. This was directed by Michela Parolin. The band is asked to play on the festival “Fort en jazz”, Jazz sous les chataigniers”, Le nuove rotte del jazz, and Cave a Jazz “… 2015. It was a great time. They were finalists and they won three famous jazz competitions : “Jazz a Saint-Germain-des-pres” (Paris), “La defense” national jazz competition (Paris), “Getxo jazz international contest” (Spain) where they also supported act of Stanley Clarke. EYM started performing in the UK this year at the “Royal Academy of Music” London. They were invited to stream a live show by France Musique, the French national radio. The entire concert was streamed live by the French national radio “France Musique”. 2016 is the right time to release a new disc… The band spent weeks practicing at “la maison des artistes”, a club that Andre Manoukian created in Chamonix. The new disc “Khamsin” was composed by them (available in November 2016). They invited two of their best friends, the oud player Mohamed Abozekry and Marian Badoi to play some tunes on that disc. The disk was recorded at Paris’s famous “Studio de Meudon”. They began working with Julien Arnaud’s french agency “Kollision Prod”. They are asked for playing on the festival Jazz a “Saint-Germain-des-pres”, show diffused on the national radio “FIP”. They were awarded at the Sunset-Sunside Trophies. They also played the same year at venues such as “La defense Jazz festival”, Jazz en Tourraine, and “Jazz

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