Eyran Katsenelenbogen

Eyran Katsenelenbogen, a master pianist, has dedicated his life to the art of improvisational piano. He is passionate and feels deeply. His playing is an expression of those feelings. His performances are captivating. – Frank Rubolino, Cadence. Eyran is a classically trained pianist who has a unique jazz style. He has performed at concerts around the globe and appeared on radio and TV. He has performed at many venues including Saint Joseph Theater in Scarborough, Bechstein Centrum in Hamburg, Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival, Teatro di Marcello in Rome, Mirrors Hall in St. Petersburg, Iridium Jazz Club in New York, and Jordan Hall (Boston). He will perform in Germany’s Katzenelnbogen, Germany, in 2012, the place where his great-grandfather was born in 15 century. Eyran worked with the classical pianist Andrei Ivanovitch to create the DVD Classical Meets Jazz Pictures at an Exhibition. This two-piano dialogue blends jazz and classical styles in an innovative interpretation of Mussorgsky’s timeless masterpiece. Eyran and Andrei performed their original program to enthusiastic audiences in Europe and Russia. Eyran, a relative of Felix Mendelssohn was born in Israel. He was first taught by Aida Barenboim (mother and teacher famed pianist/conductor Daniel Barenboim). Eyran continued his music education at Boston’s New England Conservatory of Music, where he studied with Paul Bley and Fred Hersch. Danilo Perez was also a trainee. Gunther Schuller was also a student. Eyran has been a faculty member at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School as well as School of Continuing Education since 1996. Eyran pioneered new methods for teaching music performance to students with disabilities and other special needs at NEC. Eyran collaborated with his students to create ten CDs and a YouTube music library that documented their performances. Eyran continues his passion for inspiring and entertaining listeners around the globe. Jazziz, Jazz Times and Jazz Journal International have enthusiastically reviewed his recordings. http://www.eyran.com

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