Fantastic Swimmers

Since the mid-00’s, the Belarusian jazz group Fantastic swimmers (Fantastyja Plyucy), has been around. Viktar Siamaska is the main driver behind the project. He started it and continues to run it. Musicians that played in different sessions/albums/performances include Ales Siamaska, Eryk Arlou-Symkus, Ihar Adasik, Liavon Paulenak (from Nagual), Vital Kuleusky (ili-ili), Vital Epau (Rational Diet), Fryd Samotny (Kusudama), Eric Arlou-Shimkus (Vuraj), Vasil Pankratau, Raman Jarash and others. Amazing swimmers are rare performers. The presence of a live piano is a prerequisite for securing a potential spot. A radical musical direction is another reason for infrequent appearances. A recent concert at Vankovich House Museum in Minsk confirmed this. The result was a quick dismissal for the young organizer. Viktar Siamaska, a Belarusian poet and broadcaster, is interested in a synthesis between free jazz, folklore and electronic music. His expertise is in many types of wind instruments, often with sound effects. His primary artistic credo is spontaneity and improvisation. Viktar has been a member of the music and poetry group “Kuzniec and Siamania”, and has also played in intuitive improv band (“Knyaz Myshkin”) and collaborated with “Nagual”, a psycho-folk group. He has been focusing on solo projects since 2012. Viktar performed throughout Europe and has released many solo albums, including “g.m”, a collaboration album with Christophe Meulien, “Biotope”, etc. Viktar was the 2013 winner of Formanta, an electroacoustic music competition organized by Belarusian “Radio Culture”. Viktar Siamaska also published in several books of Belarusian poetry, and created radio programs on Belarusian music culture called “Terra Nova” or “Krakatuk”.

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