Farmers By Nature

Farmers By Nature is the extraordinary trio of pianist Craig Taborn, William Parker, and drummer Gerald Cleaver. Each are internationally renowned master musicians-improvisers-composers-leaders. Farmers By Nature is a collective of master musicians-improvisers-composers-leaders. All their meetings are uplifting and rewarding events that reveal their intrinsic focus in the narrative arc. FBN is a band that values its mission to communicate with listeners. There is no compromise. PopMatters’ Will Layman stated that the group “moves as one” on their 2011 album Out of This World’s Distortions. “Their chemistry is evident right from the beginning notes.” added Marc Medwin in The New York City Jazz Record, and Chicago Reader’s Peter Margasak noted, “It’s a cliche that good improvised music doesn’t sound improvised, but it more than applies here.” from

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