Fast Citizens

The Fast Citizens, a Chicago-based sextet consisting of Aram Shelton and Keefe Jackson as well as Josh Berman, Fred Lonberg–Holm, Anton Hatwich, Frank Rosaly, Fred Lonberg–Holm, Fred Lonberg–Holm, Fred Lonberg–Holm, Frank Rosaly, and Fred Lonberg–Holm. Jackson formed the Fast Citizens in 2002. Shelton, who is the main composer for their second release, has been the rotating leader chair. Two Cities is the title of Shelton’s current album. Shelton is currently based in Oakland, California. It also reflects his ongoing relationship with Chicago’s active music scene. The Fast Citizens are a diverse group that focuses on orchestration and structural variety. They present an album with hard swing, lush ballsads and high-energy improvisation. Modern composition is also included. Fast Citizens is continuing to explore its own path, embracing new forms and transcending traditional conventions. A band that brings together some of the most creative musicians can only result in one thing: an incredible listening experience. Fast Citizens has proven this over the years. The band was formed by Keefe Jackson in 2003. They released Ready Everyday (Delmark Records 2006) and Two Cities (Delmark Records 2009). Aram Shelton was the leader. The band members were democratic and decided to take over the leadership of the group. Fred Lonberg–Holm is now the cellist. The band’s organic development of ideas is how it manifests itself as it transforms its imagination into many genres. All About Jazz

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