Fat (the Fabulous Austrian Trio)

Alex Machacek, a California-based Austrian guitarist, has been attracting attention with his incendiary playing and striking writing since 1999 when he released Feature Ourselves. The album was followed by Delete and Roll in 2002. John McLaughlin and Allan Holdsworth have praised him for his unique style and ability to shift from staccato to legato with ease. He has also recorded with the legendary guitarist, Austrian-born Alex Machacek, who is based in California. Two excellent Austrian musicians are featured in the trio, who are both well-known to Opus jazz Club visitors. Last January, Herbert Pirker, drummer, performed here with Mario Rom’s Interzone. Raphael Preuschl was also a regular member of David Helbock Troo and appeared alongside Austrian jazz legends such as Wolfgang Puschnig and the late Andy Manndorff. Preuschl, Pirker are a major part of the success of FAT. It is clear that the chemistry between these three musicians inspires Machacek, as one listen to FAT will reveal. Machacek’s influences may be varied, but his distinctive voice is still recognizable and his melodic soloing throughout Fat is as thrilling as ever. From opusjazzclub.hu

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