Felix Peikli

Felix Peikli was born in Oslo, Norway, April 2, 1990. He was eight years old when he was introduced to music by the local marching band. Felix was able to quickly develop his skills and discover his passion for music. His grandfather gave Felix a Benny Goodman recording. In 2002 Felix was invited to the Oslo Jazzfestival jam session. He was accompanied by Joe Lovano and other Jazz legends. Felix was invited to return the following day to perform at Grand Hotel The Mirror Hall as an official festival artist. Felix won numerous contests including AOM (local), OM(state), NM, UKM (national), as well as many other distinctions, rewards, prizes. Felix was a student at the internationally renowned Barratt Dues Classical Institute of Norway, where he studied classical music under Fredrik Fors from 2004 to 2008. Felix was awarded the National Dream Prize by national television in 2005. This distinction launched his early career. After receiving a lot of national media attention and recognition, Felix started performing regularly as a soloist and bandleader. Felix continued his music studies and attended Foss Music Highschool. In 2006, he was awarded an honorable grant for the Grand Chance in the national television contest Kjempesjansen. Felix became an instant national icon and was the official face of Jazz. Felix made his debut at international festivals, performances, concerts and other events in the UK, France, Germany (as well as in Italy, France), Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Croatia shortly thereafter. etc.) You can find out more. In 2007, Talent.no» was his main sponsor, working closely with the renowned musicians Jorn Hoel u0026 Steinar Albrigsten. Felix was the youngest recipient of the Capital of Norway Honors Prize in 2007. He also attended Berklee College of Music’s Five Week program, where he was awarded a Full Tuition Scholarship. Felix hosted the “Ready For Boston” concert in 2008 to celebrate his Berklee College of Music acceptance. Felix, his mentor at Berklee College of Music, Harry Skoler, returned to Oslo in Norway to tour Norway with him. They paid homage to Benny Goodman, their mutual idol, as they celebrated his 100th (100th) anniversary. Felix’s first international tour with his band “The Felix Peikli Quartet” was held in August 2010. They performed at venues like Oslo Jazzfestival and Rica Victoria. The Felix Peikli Quartet was his return the next year. Felix was able to perform for and meet many of the most prominent Jazz musicians today, including Harry Skoler and Frank Tiberi. Felix was the Vandoren Emerging Artist winner 2012 and was a part the new honors-program “BerkleeGlobal Jazz Institute”, which is directed by Danilo Perez, a world-renowned jazz musician. He has met many wonderful musicians around the world. He toured the United States with Berklee Global Jazz Institute in 2011, performing in New Orleans, LA and Panama. Felix was named the sideman of Ralph Peterson Jr.’s famed Jazz quartet, Ralph Peterson Fol’tet». This group featured on Peterson’s most recent album The Duality Perspective»u003e (Onyx Productions), which was released in May 2012. It received amazing reviews and criticisms. New York Times describes Felix as «A star, basically». Felix received a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from Berklee College of Music in May 2012. Felix is passionate about helping others through music. He has always offered to perform for those who are most in need. He was a regular performer at the clinic for amnesia patients. Felix was driven to help others by his music and hosted a concert to commemorate Harry Belafonte’s 2007 visit to Oslo. All proceeds went to UNICEF to support people living with AIDS in Africa. Felix is an accomplished musician and still strives to achieve new heights. Felix is thankful for the support and love he has received. He also thanks his mother, Une Peikli, and all his friends, family and fans for helping him get to where he is today. Felix will continue to strive for the best music and help others. from http://www.kingclarinet.com

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