Félix Zurstrassen

Felix Zurstrassen was born into a musical family and has been immersed in music his entire life. When he was 14, he discovered the electric bass and hasn’t stopped playing it ever since. His instrumental practice quickly included jazz music and improvisation. He studied in Michel Hatzigeorgiou’s class at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels from 2005 to 2010. He received his diploma with a high-grade grade and then devoted several years to the study of double bass. After a year of study under Jean-Louis Rassinfosse he graduated from Royal Conservatory of Brussels’ double bass class of Christophe Wallemme. Felix Zurstrassen is versatile and can adapt to different musical styles and genres. As a side-man for many different projects, he quickly became an integral part of the Belgian jazz scene. This is how he became one of the most respected bass players his generation. Felix Zurstrassen won Sabam’s “Young Talent” Jazz Award in 2017. This award was given to him “because he serves a convergence point and rallying point of the young Belgian Jazz scene by contributing principal projects that define it.” Felix Zurstrassen started his first solo project, working closely with Nelson Veras, a renowned Brazilian guitarist, and his faithful accomplice, Antoine Pierre, a drummer. Felix Zurstrassen carefully crafted his repertoire to be at the intersection of contemporary jazz and modern jazz. The melodic and harmonic universes of Felix Zurstrassen’s compositions are influenced by Pat Metheny and Brad Mehldau, while the (poly-), rhythmic universe is influenced largely by Steve Coleman and Aka moon’s conceptual music. Igloo Records will release the album NOVA by Felix Zurstrassen in February 2020. As a special guest, Ben van Gelder, alto saxophonist, appears on the album. You may have seen him with Antoine Pierre Ubex, Typh Biar, LG Jazz Collective and Igor Gehenot Trio. from www.felixzurstrassen.com

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