Ferenc Nemeth

FERENC NEMETH, a versatile and accomplished musician, continues to push jazz composition and drumming. Since the beginning of his career, Nemeth was a sought-after drummer in both his homeland of Hungary and the United States. His unique versatility and dynamism were nurtured early in life by his musical family. Nemeth is a dynamic performer and an imaginative collaborator. He is best known for his work with GilFeMa’s Lionel Loueke Trio, and GilFeMa. He has also performed, travelled and collaborated extensively as a sideman, bandleader, educator, and co-leader. He also started his own creative projects. Nemeth studied at Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz in Los Angeles and at Berklee College of Music, Boston. He also worked alongside some of the most respected jazz musicians, including Herbie Hancock and Terence Blanchard. Nemeth moved to New York in 2003 to continue his music career with many of the same musicians. His unique energy and drive also saw him expand to include Dave Grusin and Eddie Daniels as well as Kenny Wheeler and Eli Degibri, John Ellis and Omer Avital. Many of his collaborations are now long-lasting partnerships that span over a decade. 2003 also saw the beginning of Nemeth’s involvement in GilFeMa (a trio that also included Massimo Biolcati and Lionel Loueke). They had been playing together at Berklee since their youth and continued to collaborate in this format, with all three compositions on the 2004 album, GilFeMa (ObliqSound). Notwithstanding, college fraternity and friendship, Nemeth’s natural great range coupled with his dynamism, complexity and improvisation makes him a perfect partner in the Loueke-Biolcati-Nemeth cooperative. He has contributed here and in other collaborations, which is evidence of his musical versatility. His vast knowledge and expertise has allowed him to move effortlessly through jazz and pop, rock, electropop, hip-hop, and other culturally diverse fields. In addition to his extensive performance and recording repertoire, Nemeth also started Dreamer’s Collective Records. He released Night Songs, his debut album of original compositions in 2007. This album was a huge success and received much praise. It features many luminaries such as John Patitucci and Aaron Parks. The recording has proven Nemeth to be a skilled and confident arranger and composer. The label will release a second project in 2012 that features Kenny Werner and Joshua Redman as well as a small wind ensemble. The Ferenc Nemeth Onion Project is a side project that Nemeth has been working on for the past few years. It sees Nemeth collaborating with Hungarian rock musicians to explore the world of music. Nemeth’s constant thirst for experimentation and exploration has led him to travel extensively and play with musicians of all backgrounds and countries. This has led to Nemeth regularly participating in workshops and teaching programs both in the United States as well as internationally. The most recent stints were at the University of Siena in India and the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, in the United States. from http://www.ferencnemeth.com

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