Finn Peters

Finn Peters is a leading flute and sax player in the UK. He is a musician by blood and has spent his entire life pursuing his craft. His family is a line of musicians that can be traced back to 1600s. He started playing the flute at the age of five. He was fortunate to grow up surrounded by musicians and has continued studying music ever since. He spent his teenage years practicing music non-stop. After graduating from Durham University’s musicology program, he then went on to complete a postgraduate course at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Working with the most innovative artists of the past decade has influenced his widescreen approach to compositions and improvisation. Finn’s 1994 move to London exposed him to many musical styles. From these, he developed a unique and diverse musical language. As a highly-respected session player, Finn has traveled around the globe and continues to learn about music from all over the world. He is a curious person who has worked with pioneers such as Bill Frisell, Frederick Rzewski and Sam Rivers, among others. He has been creating his own music, writing and playing along with the best of these traditions and creating a new musical mix. Finn has also released several of his own recordings, in addition to 200 recording for other artists. Two Dr Seus EPs were released by Finn’s own label, Mantella Records. They were played in high-profile clubs across Europe, including Mr Scruff and Gilles Peterson. Joyce’s covers of ‘Femenina and ‘Aldeia de Ogum,’ were two tracks that Club Brasil released. They were charted worldwide and received a lot of airplay. Club-land favorites were also two co-productions with Trip do Brasil, ‘The Deal’. Both critics and fellow musicians have always praised Finn’s work. His achievements were recognized in 1999 when he was awarded the London Young Jazz Musician Award. His 2005 album Bansuri saw him rise to prominence when his collaboration on “The Birds”, with Bembe Sege, was nominated in the BBC Radio 1 Worldwide Award for track of the Year. Straight no Chaser magazine described him as “the blazing definition” of a serious heavy player, and Jazzwise as “head and shoulders above his peers.” His debut album for Babel Records, Su-Ling, was airplayed extensively on BBC Radio 1,2,3 u0026 1xtra. The BBC Jazz Awards Best Band award was won by Finn’s Quintet in 2007. Mojo Magazine called Peters “a major figure to watch.” In 2008, Peters’ Quintet won the BBC Jazz Awards Best Band. He also appeared at the North Sea Jazz Festivals and Gateshead Jazz Festivals. Butterflies was released by Accidental Records. It was co-produced by Matthew Herbert. Time Out called it “Mesmerizing and deeply rewarding…an important listen ****, and The Daily Telegraph, a gem of a disk…Peters has done something unique.” He was also nominated to receive the Paul Hamlyn Composition Award. “Butterflies”, a jazz album that can be enjoyed alongside electronic, world, and classical music, has received a lot of praise. It is clear that people are beginning to appreciate the open-mindedness of a musician at the height of his creativity. Finn won the 2009 Radio 1 Worldwide Awards “Best Session”, and finished second in the “Best Album” category. His Algorythm improvisation was selected as part of Radio 3’s best Jazz line-up of 2009. Finn was busy working on an electro-acoustic project called “Music of the Mind”, which explores brainwaves and new forms of algorhythmically-based composition and improvisation. The Arts Council and Neurosky, a California-based company, supported this groundbreaking project. It received a lot of media attention, including appearances on Radio 4’s Today, BBC World, and GMTV on ITV. The Independent described the album as “nothing you’ve ever heard before.” The group performed at the Music of the Mind UK tour with live visuals. A film was made by Nick Hillel about the project in 2010 and 2011. A Channel 4 documentary will feature Music of the Mind. from

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