Progressive rock band from Kuopio (Finland). Finnforest was led by Jussi Tegelman, and Pekka Tegelman (b. 1957). They released their first single in 1973, after being founded in 1972. The band began playing instrumental music after the departure of Aaro Mustonen, their singer. Finnforest was formed in 1975 by Jussi Tegelman, Jukka Rissanen and Pekka Tegelman. Rissanen quit the group shortly after the release of their first album, as he moved to Hungary to study classical music. Finnforest’s second album, which was recorded in 1976, was produced using session musicians as the band was still only composed of the Tegelman twins. Finnforest returned to the stage in 1978 with a new lineup. They were Jussi Tegelman (guitar), Jarmo Svolainen(keyboards), Jarmo Rissanen [guitar], Jarmo Savolainen (“keyboards”), Heikki Keskinen (“tenor saxophone”) and Tuomo Helin (“bass). This was the lineup for the band’s third album, “Demonnights”, which was also their last. From discogs

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