Five Alarm Funk

Five Alarm Funk, a Vancouver-based funk group made up eight members, has been renowned for their energetic performances for over ten years. Five Alarm Funk is continuing to plan their American takeover with deep-rooted grooves that are complemented by big-sounding horns and shred heavy guitars. The band’s sixth studio album, Sweat was released earlier in the spring. It features a dance-oriented funk sound that incorporates elements of psychedelic, ska and prog-metal. Five Alarm Funk just released a new music video for “Widowmaker”, a number from their new album. After the song’s initial climactic build, the song has a heavy, massive sound that takes on a darker, more rumbling tone. Tayo Branston, the drummer and vocalist, explained that “Widowmaker” is a hard-hitting groove, which mixes intense horn melodies and punchy, driving bass with sinister guitars. When writing this song, we wanted to create something that grabs your attention immediately and lets you know what night it is. This video is no exception. Matt Leaf directed the new video for Widowmaker, which riffs on the track’s dark tone. Navid Charkhi (the director) and Kelanie Rose (the dancers), capture the passion of the song’s lyrics and show the dangers. The critically acclaimed director said, “I have always wanted to make a video that is heavy on dancing and makes dancing feel dangerous.” Beautiful and violent. We wanted a vintage feel and used the best dancers to perform this style of movement. Boldly’s producers found us a great cinematographer (Cole Graham), and he instantly understood our vision and brought the visuals alive in a way that I never expected. The cinematic look and feel of Five Alarm Funk’s “Widowmaker,” shot in cinemascope. Five Alarm Funk is planning a promotional tour that will see the band play venues in the U.S.A and Canada, following Sweat’s release. from

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