Five Play Jazz Quintet

Laura Klein (piano/composer). Laura was born in New York City and studied music at SUNY Buffalo as well as the Berklee College of Music. She formed Triceratops with Tony Corman. They performed original compositions. Laura has performed with her own trios, including the great drummers Joe Hunt, Benny Barth, in a duo setting with Ted Wolff, vibraphonist Ted Wolff and vocalists Jenny Ferris, Ed Reed, Rudy Salvini Big Band and John Dankworth, among others. Tony Corman (guitar/composer: Tony is from the Boston area. He received a B.A. from Berklee College of Music. in saxophone performance. He recorded and appeared with Full Faith and Credit big bands, the Contemporary Jazz Orchestra and Bay Area Jazz Composer’s Orchestra. He was an arranger/composer on the recordings Triceratops and Three Tenors No Opera. Jenny Ferris’s Day In Day Out also featured him. Due to focal dystonia, he switched to guitar playing in 2002. Since then, he has been playing with his own trio of Crotty Corman, Phipps and composing and organizing for large bands. Dave Tidball (woodwinds/composer): Born in Cardiff, Wales, Dave played and recorded in London with Turning Point. After moving to Boston, MA, Tidball formed the band Minotaur which featured his original compositions. He has recorded and played with Triceratops and Three Tenors No Opera since moving to the Bay Area. Paula West is a great singer and he also plays and records with his own trio, Threedom. Dave is a music teacher in Oakland Public Schools and has a full-time freelance playing schedule. Alan Hall (drums). Alan was born in San Jose and spent some time teaching and playing at the Berklee College of Music. Alan has a long list of accomplishments including recording and performing with Eddie Harris and other artists, such as Paul McCandless and Billy Childs. Alan recently performed with Cirque du Soleil in NYC. He is a JazzSchool teacher in Berkeley, CA. He also gives workshops and clinics at music stores, colleges, festivals and other venues across North America. Paul Smith (bass). Paul has been playing professionally since he was a teenager. He joined the Moacir Santos band in 1970. There he met Sheila Smith, who was a percussionist and singer. Paul and Sheila were in a group for many decades and recorded four CDs together. Paul has recorded and performed with Willie Bobo and Mark Levine. He tours and records nationally with Dan Hicks. Taken from Bands Site

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