Flash Pig

Maxime Sanchez, a piano player and Adrien Sanchez, a saxophone player, first decided in 2005 to form a trio with Gautier Garrigue (drummer). The trio becomes a quartet three years later after meeting the brothers and Florent Nisse (bass player) at Paris Conservatory (CNSM). The quartet decides that Maxime’s compositions will be played, and has been playing since its inception on music where all members can have freedom. Flash Pig wins first prize in the Siofok International Jazz Contest in Hungary in 2009, and second prize in Trophees de Sunside in Paris 2010. After touring regularly at festivals and clubs, Flash Pig releases “Remain Still”, his first album on French label Plus loin Music in 2014. This was very well received by the media. The band also starts an artistic residency at Paris’ jazz club “Les Disquaires”, where they have the chance to invite top musicians such as Manu Codjia (Chris Cheek), Pierre de Bethmann, Logan Richardson, Emile Parisien, Logan Richardson, Manu Codjia, Logan Richardson and Manu Codjia to join them. Flash Pig is awarded the first prize in 2015’s European Jazz Contest in Rotterdam and plays at the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival. The quartet recorded their second album at the end of 2015. The new album was released on May 27, 2016. Flash Pig’s music is free and uncompromising, but it also claims the legacy and tradition of jazz from Keith Jarrett to the 7O’s (Paul Motian and Charlie Haden), Ornette Coleman and Dewey Redman to contemporary jazz artists from both the north-European as the New-York scenes.

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