Flat Earth Society

Peter Vermeersch (Belgian composer), was a member of X-Legged Sally. He knows how to make a huge noise, no matter the size of his band. With the help of Flat Earth Society’s 14 members, Vermeersch can now make a bigger racket. The term “big band” could refer to anything, from Lambchop to the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, but this group makes an electric sound somewhere between Acoustic Ladyland’s electric jazz and the abrasive Dutch-new-music ensemble Orkest de Volharding. Only Mike Westbrook and Steve Martland can do this in the UK. Vermeersch’s songs are sharp and engaging. There’s a lot of blues in dramatic epics like Hilton’s Heaven and Edward Why Don’t You Play Some Blues. Lax has flamenco and Uri Caine’s Snaggletooth is a bit of flamenco. (John L Walters and The Guardian).

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