Florin Niculescu

Florin Niculescu, a Romanian violinist from the Romani (Gypsy), ethnicity was born in Bucharest on February 8, 1967. He is the successor to Stephane Grappelli and one of the most respected jazz manouche violinists of all time. His impressive technique and virtuosity, as well as his musical sensitivity are what make him so special. Niculescu was the son of educated lautari. His family was all involved in music. His uncle and father were both violinists, and his mother was a pianist and cellist. When he was just 4-5 years old, he took his first violin lessons with his father. He enrolled at the “Dinu Lipatti Music School” at 6 and then the “George Enescu Music High School at 12, where he was a first-place student. He also played at weddings and other celebrations with his father, where he learned his improvisational skills. He was 13 when he first heard Stephane Grappelli play the violin. This would be his idol and his main attraction in jazz music. He left Paris in 1991 to pursue his dream of meeting Stephane Gruppelli and becoming a jazz musician. His first gig was at a Russian cabaret. He also enrolled at the Conservatoire de Paris. However, his jazz teacher advised him that he should not waste his time there and instead play on the stage. He continued to perform on different scenes with various musicians. In 1994, Niculescu met Stephane Grappelli who was his idol. Grappelli was so impressed with Niculescu that he offered to record a disc with him. Niculescu declined the offer, believing that he wasn’t worthy of the honor yet. He had hoped to learn from Stephane Grappelli but Grappelli said that he doesn’t have anything to teach him because the Romani have an amazing natural technique. He joined Romane’s band in 1995 and was invited by Bireli to his “Gipsy Project” inspired by the Quintette de Hot Club of France, in 2001. Bireli Lagrene and Florin Niculescu succeeded Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. He began to record music under his own name and collaborated with many musicians, including: Jimmy Rosenberg and Babik Reinhardt (son Django Reinhardt), Giani Line, Angelo Debarre and Hot Club de Norvege. He worked with many pop artists, including Patricia Kaas (Patrick Bruel), Johnny Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday, and Henri Salvador. Niculescu was only 15 years old when he studied with Scott Tixier, a violinist. Niculescu was called “successor of Grappelli” as well as “one the greatest violinists all time”. From Wikipedia

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