Florin Raducanu

Florin Raducanu was a pianist, composer, teacher, leader of jazz orchestras and conductor. He graduated from the Music Academy in Bucharest and met and played with many jazz musicians, including David Murray (SUA), Jorge Silvester(Afro-caribbean), Lee Pearsons(SUA), Eric Legnini(Italy), Celline Rudolph(Germany), Zahid Ahmed (Malaysia), Joseph Pruesner(SUA-Malaysia), Jasper Bloom(Holland), John Mosa(SUA), Zaid Naer(SUA), Keith Balla (SUA), Keith Balla(SUA), Zaidaer(SUA), Keith Balla(SUA), Keith Balla (SUA), Keith Balla (SUA), Keith Balla (SUA), Keith Balla (SUA), Keith Balla (SUUA), Keith Balla (SUA), Keith Balla (SUA), Keith Balla, a (SUA), Keith Balla (SUA), Keith Balla,,,, Zaid Naser(SUA), Keith Balla, SUA), Keith Balla, SUA), Keith Balla (SUA),, SUA),, SUA),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, SUA),,,,,,,,,,,, SUA),, SUA),,,,,,,,, SUA),,,,, SUA), Keith Balla,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and ). Florin Raducanu, a doctor of musical arts and founder of the Jazz Department at the George Enescu Music College in Bucharest, is also the creator of the Jazz Department. He has published many articles on jazz theory and history, and has promoted many students to various concerts in the United States and abroad. He published the “Guide to Jazz Improvisation” in 2013, a valuable guide for any aspiring jazz musician. He played in many projects over the years, including his trio and sextet as well as a big band and symphonic orchestra. All of these groups performed his compositions and jazz standards. He collaborated with the “Sibiu Philharmonic Orchestra” to produce a Third Stream for his “Tribute to Mary Magdalene” and “Mapamond Pictures” compositions in 2007. This symphonic jazz project featured him as composer, conductor, and pianist. Later that year, the “Romanian Radio Society”, invited him to perform with the “Radio Jazz Big band”.

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