The fo/mo/deep are best known for their live performances. They were born in the experimental school that was the 70s, when jazz, soul, and funk were all one. This diverse group of experienced pros is determined to challenge the norm. The music is reminiscent of the days when the best bands were hypnotized by their bass-driven ensembles and full-bodied sounds. fo/mo/deep music is hot, incalculable, emotionally satisfying, and fun for all ages. Fo/mo/deep’s second CD, “A Beautiful Bang”, was released in June 2012. Their August 2010 debut CD, “Eclecticism,” received rave reviews. Rob Young, of The Urban Flux, stated, “Their unique groove unscoils with an eclectic jazz/funk rhythms twist that’s not often heard these days.” Their live performances supporting the CD release earned them a strong reputation as a funk-infused band. John Petric from The Other Paper stated, “Fo/mo/deep was a great soul-funk-jazz group that had the crowd in its hands.” “A Beautiful Bang” amazingly transfers the band’s insatiable energy to the studio. The songs are a sonic explosion of improvisation that engraves the album’s canvas. They also capture the emotion of delicate instrumental conversations. The music is alive in the moment, with a variety of styles but a cohesive fusion. Rob Young, Urban Flux, wrote that “Arguably, funk wannabees” have feigned themselves around the funk jazz idiom over the years, imitating, mirroring and imitating this compulsive sound. Fo/mo/deep surpasses these criteria with their consistent and original voice.” Source:

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