Fond Of Tigers

Post-rock does not always have to be boring, pretty or sleepy. Fond of Tigers is a great example of how post-rock can be innovative, offbeat and surprising. Canadian seven-piece (!) The Canadian seven-piece (!) has been making a strong case for post-rock weirdness since 2006. They have won a Juno Award, a lot of festival appearances and collaborated with Mats Gustafsson from Sweden and Sandro Perri from Toronto. Stephen Lyons, guitarist of the band, incorporates an eclectic array of influences into their instrumental sound. They heavily lean on post-rock. Lyons and Tanya Tagaq producer/violinist Jesse Zubot produced their new album Uninhabit which is an explosion of sound experimentation. Does jazz exist? Definitely? Is there anything that sounds almost like noise-rock? You bet. Prog rock? Duh. Do neoclassical deranged asides exist? Damn straight. The final result is difficult, but very listenable. It will challenge any preconceived notions about what “post-rock” could be. from

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