Food was originally composed of Iain Ballamy, an English saxophonist, and Thomas Stronen (drums), Mats Eilertsen(bass). Henriksen, Stronen and Mats Eilertsen began to use live electronics to create entirely improvised music. This collaboration was a huge success both artistically (in jazz terms), and commercially. It has been one of Ballamy’s longest-running projects. The music of the group, which ranges from the ethereal and atmospheric, to the confrontational, was developed over a series albums, including “Food” (1999), and “Organic” (2000). Both were released on Ballamy’s Feral label. After that, a move to Norwegian Rune Grammofon produced “Veggie” (2002), and “The Last Supper” (2004). The group had become a duo of Ballamy u0026 Stronen by 2007’s “Molecular Gastronomy”, with Henriksen leaving to pursue a solo career at ECM. Eilertson was also busy, with recent work with Tord Gustavsen’s Ensemble. The Food duo continued to work with guest artists, including Tom Arthurs and Nils Petter Molvaer, as well as Ashley Slater, an ex-Loose Tubes trombonist who contributed some post production work to “Molecular Gastronomy.” This collaboration led to the creation of “Quiet Inlet”, ECM’s debut album. The album was compiled from live performances at the Bla Club in Oslo, and the Molde International Jazz Festival over the period 2007/8. Nils Petter Molvaer is the guest trumpeter on four tracks. Christian Fennesz plays the guitar and electronics on the other three tracks. Manfred Eicher was interested in the music and had it mixed by Jan Erik Kongshaug, a legendary recording engineer. Ballamy, who has been a long-time admirer of ECM’s music, was thrilled to sign for the prestigious German label. from

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