Born in 1989, raised in naples and now based in Rome. Classical music studies with mo mafalda wurzburger. Then, a degree in jazz piano at the music conservatory frosinone. In 2010, I became interested in improvised music, and was a founding member the crossroads Improv Collective, which is based in Naples. The album “chaos magnum”, which was recorded with the band “forefront”, was released by auand records in 2014. It is a mix of contemporary and improvised music. We also held a workshop at the circolo Arcipelago, Cremona on “contemporary jazz in relation to jazz improvisation”. Making music is for me a way to reach into the thoughts and feelings of the listener, and then to bring them along into the dark abyssal of sound and improvisation. Music IS sound. In my exhibitions I play mostly inside the piano. I also use objects, preparations and extended techniques like the hyperpiano extended piano performance technique developed by denman maroney. I’m trying to create new soundscapes. A fender rhodes is also connected to my pedal board. This allows me to deal with noise and primitive sound material. However, whatever music I listen to, I love to dance between songs and noises, songs and noises, and silence and noise.

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