Four80East is a Canadian electro jazz ensemble from Toronto with Rob DeBoer (keyboards, bass and guitar) and Tony Grace (percussion);accompanied by various session musicians. Four80East was originally conceived as a studio project by DeBoer (keyboards, bass and guitar) and Grace (percussion), who had previously been producing, writing and arranging music for Boomtang Records. They released the album, The Album, in 1997. Both critics and the general public enjoyed The Album. Nocturnal followed it in 2001 and Round 3 in 2002. En Route, their fourth album was released in 2007. Their fifth album, Roll On was released in 2009. Four80East started as a studio band, but they are now a live act. Four80East’s music has a distinct melodic sound, with a strong bass groove. The Weather Channel Presents: The best of smooth jazz features Four80East. Wikipedia bio

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