Julien Julian, a Saxophonist and founder of Fractale, has released several albums under his own name. The excellent “Strange”, which was released in 2006, is highly recommended for all progressive rock enthusiasts. It’s purely instrumental with no extreme-oriental vocal samplings. This works well considering the dominant role of the occidental voice in progressive music. Moondog’s Sax for a Pax is best known for the live album, “Suranne”, which features a lot of brass instruments (saxophones and trumpets, as well as tuba …), trombones, and strong drum beats). It is somewhere in between jazz and rock without being progressive rock or jazz rock. The brasses play to a rhythmic, lively beat that is accompanied with analogical electronic sounds. They were actually taken from a computer that took its name from the Beatles. The baritone saxophone, tuba and sometimes intensely electrifying baritone of Fractale is what makes this even more exciting. In each of the five titles, a strong and powerful groove is evident. The ensemble is enriched by Latin American and Australian aboriginal rhythms, while the solos are always fitting and appropriate. A perfect sound enhances musical appreciation. For pure enjoyment of musical energy, simple accents appear naturally and gradually throughout compositions and improvisations. from

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