With their aggressive and sometimes difficult music, Fragile is quickly becoming a prominent band in the Japanese fusion scene. Fragile consists of Koich Yabori (guitar), Masatoshi Mikuno (bass) and Kozo Suganuma (drums). It will surprise you to hear how only three people can produce powerful, intense, yet colorful sounds. Yabori plays a guitar synthesizer. The synthesizer generates thousands upon thousands of tones, making the whole sound vivid and vibrant. He is also known for being a Pat Metheny fan, so he mimics Pat’s sound and plays with purposefully. This could be fun for both Yabori and Pat’s fans. Mizuno is a fretless bass player. His unique jazz knowledge has given him a lot of flexibility in his bass playing. The sound of his bass is very sexy, melodic and sexy. Mizuno is also a skilled composer. His melodious bass playing might explain this. Suganuma is a hero to young drummers. His drum playing sounds almost as though he is a god with three arms and three legs. Suganuma plays the drums that make Fragile sound so powerful. Fragile describes themselves as loud, noisy, and over-volume. However, this is false. They can, and do, play really lyrical songs in certain parts of their work. Eventually, those parts attract their fans. Fragile has three CDs. Fragile’s first album, “Fragile”, is the first to introduce the world of Fragile. The sound of Fragile varies from one tune to the next. They are sometimes wild and powerful, but also moody and jazzy. Sometimes they are cool and lyrical and sometimes show a lot of pop sense. Their aggressiveness is the focus of their second album, “Handle with Care”. The entire album is complexer, more powerful and more beautiful than its predecessor. “Limited Answers,” in particular, transports listeners to the early autumn world. “Nowake,” on the other hand, shows that sophisticated jazz sense has reached its final stage. Fragile’s versatility is evident in the third album, “Downside Up”, just released. To add to their originality, they adopted “Heavy Metal”, “Pure Fusion”, “old-fashioned Jazz” and “old fashioned Jazz”. It is really hard! They did it! Fragile continues to grow day by day/minute by minute. They will please us, I’m certain, with great ideas and a new sense of wonder. from

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