Francesco Diodati

Francesco is a guitarist, composer, and improviser. He began his musical education with Jazz. Francesco decided to devote his life to music after completing his studies in Statistics and Economics. As a young guitarist, he began to compose original music and traveled to New York and Paris to learn more about Jazz. He is a well-known improviser and musician and has worked with many American, European, and Italian personalities, including Gianluca Petriella, Antonello Salais, Jim Black and Bobby Previte. He was also part of six years of Myanmarmeetseurope, a project supported by Goethe Institute that took him to Asia and Europe. He was awarded Top Jazz by the Italian Musica Jazz annual pool in 2015 for Wild Dance (ECM), which he has been collaborating with since 2013. His albums attracted attention from critics and audiences: Francesco was voted best guitarist by the JazzIT annual reader pool between 2013 and 2016. His curiosity has led him to collaborate over the years with choreographers, visual artists and dancers. It is a multifaceted, yet clearly identifiable personality that transcends genres and styles. from

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