Frank D’rone

Frank D’Rone is a fine singer and performer and creates great vibes among his audience.” This quote from Leonard Feather (one of the most respected music critics in the world) best describes Frank’s talents and abilities today. These words take a lot of effort. Frank began singing and playing guitar at age 5 in Providence, Rhode Island. He had his own radio station twice a week at the age of 11. He was 13 when he received an Artist’s Degree from the American Guild of Stringed Instruments in classical guitar. While completing his education, he formed his own band and performed in the Providence area. D’Rone then moved to New York, where there were many talented individuals in the show business. Frank worked in New York at various clubs, including many appearances on “The Living Room”. Frank was hired by a Chicago club owner after he heard about him. The club was called “Dante’s Inferno”. Frank was such a success, that his management offered him an indefinite contract. Frank stayed with Dante’s for 14 months. The name Frank D’Rone became very popular during this time. People came to see him including celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and Johnny Mathis, SheckyGreene, Alan King, Ray Brown, Stan Kenton (June Christy), and Oscar Peterson. D’Rone started to record in Chicago for Mercury and made many friends with his peers in music. D’Rone was the “singer’s vocal” and met Nat “King”, Cole, who is still one of his greatest admirers. Nat Cole wrote the lyrics for Frank’s debut album. D’Rone’s rare and unique gift has seen him in the spotlights at almost every major American nightclub. Frank was performing at the “Copacabana”, the world’s most famous event. Tony Bennett, who was opening the show, said to D’Rone, “A few year back, Nat “King Cole” Cole stated that Frank D’Rone is the best singer around. Frank Sinatra was another big supporter of Frank. He requested that D’Rone be hired to the lounge whenever “The Chair” visited the Atlantic City and Vegas venues. He has performed in front of television cameras on most talk and variety shows. He has also recorded many albums for four labels. D’Rone is equally comfortable performing in jazz clubs, college concerts and jazz clubs. D’Rone’s commanding stage presence, great voice and musicianship, and his ability to interpret a song lyrics perfectly, make him a perfect fit for any entertainment environment. This is how he was a regular guest on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson. from

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