Frank Strazzeri

Frank Strazzeri, April 24, 1930 – May 9, 2014. He was an American jazz pianist. Born in Rochester, New York, Strazzeri was a jazz pianist. Strazzeri started on clarinet and tenor saxophone at the age of 12, before switching to piano shortly after. After attending the Eastman School of Music in New York, he became a house piano player in a Rochester nightclub in 1952. He was a frequent guest musician, such as Roy Eldridge or Billie Holiday. In 1954, he moved to New Orleans and played with Sharkey Bonano, Al Hirt, and in a Dixieland Jazz setting. Since then, his main focus has been on bebop. Before moving to Los Angeles, he played with Woody Herman and Charlie Ventura from 1957-58. He worked as a studio musician in the West Coast jazz scene and toured with Joe Williams and Maynard Ferguson. (1971-1974). He was also a member of the legendary “Aloha from Hawaii”, concert in 1973. On May 9, 2014, he died at the age 84 according to wikipedia

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