Frank Wright

Frank Wright was a fiery tenor-saxophonist. His albums on the ESPDISK label, which were recorded in the late sixties, earned him recognition. He recorded with Bobby Few, Noah Howard and Peter Brotzmann. In 1990, he died. —- Biography written by Chris Kelsey. —- Wright was not a well-known musician outside of his inner circle of jazz musicians and fans. However, he was influential in a subversive manner. Wright was not like his contemporaries, Cecil Taylor, Albert Ayler or Ornette Coleman — all of whom were around the same age as him — and he never recorded a single record for any major label. He was “underground” throughout his career. Wright was influenced by Ayler’s abstract expressionism and scalding style. He transformed the music with his own personality, and then passed it on. Wright’s influence can still be heard in the works of younger saxophonists like Sabir Mateen and Charles Gayle. Wright was a young electric bass player, and he performed in R

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