Frankie Kimono

Frankie Kimono was formed by three multi-genre musicians: guitarist Peter Zajacek and Jaro Zigo, a native Hungarian Tamas Belica bassist, and drummer Jaro Zigo. Peter Zajacek is a singer with Katka Scevlikova and also performs in the Medial Banana band. Tamas belicza can be seen performing in a trio with Valer Mikos or with a Presporski Junaci. Jaro Zigo, drummer, is not only a musician (Medial Banana and Katka Scevlikova), but also co-owner of Loft Studio, sound engineer, and producer. Blues, jazz, funk, reggae and rock all influence the music. Frankie Kimono performed at Bratislava Jazz Days 2015. Frankie Kimono has released a 2016 album called “RAW” from

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