Fraud Prophets

The 2019 album by L.A.-based Fraud Prophets (humorously titled Poptosis) is an excellent example of jazz-rock fusion’s future direction. It is a highly electrifying, instrumental music experience. Essentially a collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Sean Halley and drummer / percussionist Nate Morton, the duo are joined by several guest artists including electric guitar ace Oz Noy and B3 player Matt Rohde. Track one, “I Think I Just Said That”, is a good example. It features Sean Halley’s impressive electric guitar skills. Poptosis moves between jazz-rock and funky rhythms and is held together by an instrumental fusion groove that sounds distinctly 1970s. It’s a wakeup call to anyone who might have been too quick to dismiss instrumental jazz-rock’s power in the first decade of the millennium. from

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