Fred Taylor

I’m a producer, composer, arranger and drummer. I began my musical journey at the age of five as a Spokane, Washington student of classical piano. At age 10, I took up drumming. As a young man I was taught my craft by master teachers in Spokane, Washington. Through high school, I was in school bands and my first professional gigs were in Spokane around the age of 14. After completing high school early, I set out on the road with several bands and acts. One year of college was my interruption. I toured the US and Canada, playing country, rock and funk. Sometimes, I also did musical or orchestral jobs. I settled down in Seattle and began to work extensively in the local music scene. I played at weddings, parties, clubs, ballrooms, hotels, military bases, and other venues within a 100-mile radius. Many sessions were recorded; some were published on 45s and LPs. Others were demos. I also did radio and TV jingles. Since 1978, I had a small studio to use for composing and recording demos. Inquest and Sanctuary were two of my bands that I managed in jazz/fusion. They featured great writing and playing from local talent like Gary Rollins and Craig Lawrence. After a while I was working part-time as a musician and full-time at our family’s company, I became a computer consultant in early 1990s. I traveled across the country to implement very specific systems, many of them written by me. My musical activities slowed down for two years in mid-90s. However, I was able to relaunch them in 1999 after Gary Rollins, Ed Weber, and me forming a new Inquest group. After that time, I moved to New Jersey and lived there for five years, performing, recording, and composing music. Then, I married and returned home to Mukilteo. I will be 60 years old in 2014 and have been playing the drums for 50+ years. from

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