Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects

No matter how many times you listen to this album hundreds of times, you will never fully grasp its true scope and magnitude. The album’s mystery and intrigue continue to draw the listener in. Thordendal, a Meshuggah guitarist, meticulously blends the mathematical approach of the band with the wild, free form of groundbreaking outfits like Pan-Thy-Monium or John Zorn’s Naked City. He even has a saxophone player. The majority of the album is composed of keyboard-guided guitar leads from his full-time band. This is accompanied by sinister screaming vocals. Some songs are short, like Zorn’s, and others can last up to three minutes. You should be aware that the album sounds like one song and you won’t notice any track changes if your stereo isn’t tuned in. It is a masterpiece musically, mixing complex jazz elements with extreme rock in a way never before heard. Tomas Haake’s vocals are sinister and overdose the listener with every spin. This album is finished. There’s no other advice. Other than to buy it immediately if youre looking for something new and different. Everyone else should stay away and continue listening to the Deicide albums. Allmusic

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