Free Tallinn Trio

Free Tallinn Trio is an unusual combination of Anne-Liis poll, a singer with an unusually broad voice range, Anto Pett, a classically trained pianist who has been concentrating on free improvisation for the last 20 years and Jaak Sooaar (a well-known jazz musician from the Baltics), who are both jazz guitarists. Free Tallinn Trio’s freely improvised music could be described as contemporary jazz improvisation, although the main influences are both contemporary music and modern jazz. Its members come from diverse backgrounds and can take the trio to new places. They also avoid common cliches in free improvisation. Free Tallinn Trio was formed in 2006. They have performed in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland (Moers Festival), Germany (Moers Festival), Finland and France. In April 2007, the debut CD, “Full Moon”, (AVA Muusika), was released. Anne-Liis poll – voice Antopett – piano JaakSooaar. Guitar, live-electronics at

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