From Wolves To Whales (wooley/rempis/niggenkemper/corsano)

After meeting many times around the globe, Nate Wooley, Dave Rempis realized their long-held goal to form a band in 2014. The lineup is nothing short of stellar. The quartet features some of the most prominent players from both Chicago and New York improvised music scenes. They found a common language right away as a group. After three performances in Brooklyn and Manhattan in February 2014, their first recording was recorded in the studio. The band’s inventive and unique improvisations show a band that is more creative than ever. The band’s broad musical range, which includes passages filled with energy and microcosmic sound palettes, is a sign of a group that has a lot to offer. This quartet’s debut album, From Wolves to Whales, is a great example of the potential for future collaborations. Bandcamp

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