Fulano was formed in 1984 as a band that was very deliberate about the evolution and development of rock, jazz and other mixed styles. They were first led by Arlette Jequier (the exceptional singer), instrumentalist of wind Cristian Crisosto, and Jaime Vasquez (the bear Jorge Fields, and Guillermo Valenzuela), and began to appear in various cultural and university spaces in Santiago, Chile. In 1986, Fulano gave its first Cultural Espaciocal concert. The next year, the first production, “Fulano”, published theirs (they emphasize in this one: Machineries, Calm Suite and the persecuted Sock). They broke through the encirclement that restricted elite groups, projecting at a larger scale with a heterogenous audience and without age limits. This last grouping was demonstrated in August 1988 when over four thousand people attended a recital at the Nataniel Stage in Santiago, Chile. Fulano’s second production was sent in 1989. Fulano sent his second production, a double LP with over 100 minutes of music. It was called “In the Bunker”, as it was the first Chilean album to have such extensive engraving. This disc was a masterpiece of musical and virtuosity, and it was consecrated to the group as one of the finest jazz-fusion albums of South America. It also contains satirical letters. The group won the Apes prize (Association Journalists of Spectacles of Chile). They were mentioned in the Radio Concert as “Contribution To the Jazz”, and they received the prize like “Better Group of Rock 1989”. They are invited to Havana (Cuba) in 1990 to take part in Festival Jazz Place’90, alongside such outstanding musicians as Dizzy Gilespie, Arthur Sandoval and Freeman Boy. The group devotes its time to creating the new album. They leave in 1993, being christened “the Hell of the Clowns” and producing their first video, “Moans”. The new disc is rockier than the others and features songs such as ‘Sweepings’ or ‘Fireworks’. They appear alongside Hermeto Pascoal at the Municipal Theater of Vine of the Sea in 1994. In October of the same year, the group celebrates 10 years of their trajectory with an impressive artistic concert multi at the Theater of the University of Chile. After Guillermo Valenzuela’s departure, Raul Gorse replaces him as drummer. In 1997, the group publishes “Useless Works”, their fourth production. It is a coproduction with Fernando Lyons at the Studies Masters of Santiago of Chile. This plate was the first to be published in an independent format (the others were published by Larch). This one they excel in ‘Godzila’ and ‘Formal Song (In7/8)’. They also excel in ‘Beyond Being’ and ‘Krikalev’. Fulano’s touch has been maintained since the last disc was released and Vasquez was replaced by Short Rafael, the saxofonista Short Rafael. This presentation took place at the Theater Providence on October 31, 2002 to celebrate the 18-year trajectory of the grouping. Jaime Vivanco, tragically, 17 January 2003, tecladista del grup, unemployment cardiorrespiratorio. Its body was discovered dead in its home. Jaime Fields (the bear in the group), and the rest of the members decided to not continue with Fulano’s project. The deceased was a pillar of the band. Fulano members sent a new disc, “Vivo”, to the group. It was recorded during the performances that the band made in 2003, following the death of Vivanco. It also left a documentary one, directed Juan on sale Pablo Leighton who depicts the history and fusion of rock groups with interviews, photographs, and activities. from http://www.myetymology.com

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