Fumio Itabashi

Born in Tochigi, Japan. Fumio started playing jazz while studying at the prestigious Kunitachi College of Music. Made his professional debut as a member of the Sadao Watanabe Quintet in 1971 and then joined Terumasa Hino Quintet and Takeo Moriyama Quartet while his own trio released a number of albums during the 70s. Was a member of the Elvin Jones Jazz Machine World Tour from 1985 to 1987 including other international artists gaining him global fame. In 1991, Fumio joined the Ray Anderson’s album “Wishbon” and made an appearance in the Village Vangard in New York before touring North America with them. Set up his own label [Mix Dynamite] and his own “Mix Dynamite Unit” in 1993 starting to play with artists from different genres of music. Made an appearance in the Knitting Factory’s New York Jazz Festival in 1997 as the first Japanese artist. In 1999 Fumio joined Christopher Doyle’s Hong Kong film “Away with words” as a music director/composer and released the sound track. With funding from the Japan Foundation Fumio toured in Brasil, Kenya, and the Seychelles with his trio and published the photo essay “Jambo! Obrigado!” along with 2 live albums from the tour in 2001. The “Giriyama Dance Troup” which played with the trio in Kenya was invited in Japan in 2003 to play along with the trio in the Japan’s biggest Jazz Festival and sent an audience of over 1000 frantic. from http://bowz.main.jp

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