Furio Di Castri

FURIO DI CASTRI , born in Milano, september 12, 1955. At 11 years of age, he began playing the trumpet and moved to music. At age 13, he switched to electric bass. He was a self-taught musician in the past, but he started playing with progressive rock and rhythm and blues. In 1973, he recorded his first album (Dedalus on Trident Records). He then began playing the double bass. He moved to Rome in 1978 to begin playing with Maurizio Giammarco, a tenor saxophonist, and Massimo Urbani, an altoist. He met Chet Baker in Rome, and they would continue to play on and off together since 1988. He also began to be active in Milan during this time, playing with Larry Nocella and Luigi Bonafede, as well as sitting in with musicians such as Jimmy Knepper, Walter Davis jr., Freddie Hubbard and Art Farmer. Enrico Rava, Franco d’Andrea, and Aldo Romano joined him in a band. He was then part of the first trio of Michel Petrucciani. He has been playing with some of Europe’s greatest soloists since 1981, including Richard Galliano and Dino Saluzzi. Furio began writing music in 1986 and started leading his own bands, mostly Trios or Quattro. The New Jazz Meeting, Baden-Baden (Sudwestfunk), in 1989 selected Furio as one of the top new european talents. He began performing with Paolo Fresu, a trumpeter. They recorded more than 12 CDs together and performed all over France. With the addition of John Taylor (piano), Naco, Jon Balke (percussion), Pierre Favre (percussion), and Pierre Favre(percussion), the duo-project grew. They have been performing regularly as a trio with Antonello Salis, pianist and accordeonist. He has been performing with Wooden You since 1997 – an acoustic trio featuring Mauro Negri and Andrea Dulbecco on clarinet and marimba – and composes music for Theatre and Dance (Teatro Settimo e Gabriele Vacis; Teatro di Dioniso e Walter Malosti; Teatro di Dioniso e Walter Malosti; Ente teatrale di Nuoro; Scuola Holden–Torinola Holden-Torinola Holden-Torinola Holden-Torinola Holden-Torinola, Scuola Holden–Torinola Holden-Torinola Holden-Torinola Holde-Torinola Holden-Torinola Holden-Torinola Holden-Torino-Torinola Holden–Torinola Holden–Torinola Holden–Torinola Holden–Torino-Torino-Torino-Torino-Torino-Torino-Torino–Torino-Torino-Torino-Torino-Torino-Torinofino-Torino-Torino-Torino-Torino–Torino–Torino–Torino–Torino, Sosta, Palmizi, in the Scuola Holden–Torino-Torino, Scuola Holden–Torino, Scuola Holden–Torino, Scuola Holden–Torino, Sosta, Sosta, Sosta, sosta-Torino to, Sosta-Torino and Sosta-Torino and Sosta-Torino and Sosta-Torino-Torino and Sosta Palmizi, and Sosta, and so that they have been together since their performances. He has been the leader of WELCOME since 2000, which was sponsored by the Biannual on Young Artist of the Mediterranean. It featured young musicians from Sicily and Palestina, as well as those from Bosnia, Croatia, Bosnia, Greece, and Palestina. The workshop incorporated traditional instruments such as tabla, oud, darbouka and accordeon along with classic instruments (cellos basses, pianos, drums and even horns). It was performed in Turin and Gaza. OUTLINE was formed in 2001 by Eric Vloeimans and Gianluca Pelella. from http://www.furiodicastri.com

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