Fuse Patrol

Eckersid Silapaswang (guitar), and Roy Suter(keyboards) are the leaders of innovative melodies, rich harmony and solid foundations laid by Chris Pott and Jason Reddish (drums). Fuse Patrol’s performances are full of energy, honesty, and accessibility that anyone can groove to and feel at home with, even those who don’t normally enjoy instrumental ensembles. Fuse Patrol is a group that combines a variety of influences with their unique voice. They entertain people of all musical tastes with a great sense both of lightness and power. The band, based in New Jersey, performs wherever the music takes them. Their debut album, “Barney’s Bounce”, captures their innovative and fun approach to music and invites listeners to enjoy their live show that is even more unique and highly improvised. From www.fusepatrol.com

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