Fusion Point

Fusion Point is the project of Kirill Sokirko, a St.-Petersburg pianist. Fusion Point continues the tradition in chamber music using a trio format. This does not limit the number of musicians but the instruments they are playing – drums, piano, bass and bass. The band is a fusion-oriented group. This is a fitting label considering that they play in a variety of genres such as jazz-rock, smooth-jazz and funk and also nu-jazz and lounge. Some critics believe that Fusion Point’s style could be described as modern-jazz, as the current understanding of fusion is often more associated with jazz-rock. Fusion Point’s music is characterized by a strong sense of musical form and melodicism, despite the many styles they use. This reflects their classical background and makes their arrangements more easily accessible. Jazz improvisation is secondary. Each composition must be presented in a way that is easily understood by all listeners. The public’s reaction helps musicians to grow and set new priorities for their material. Many bands have influenced Fusion Point’s music direction, including Hiromi Uehara and Michel Petrucciani. Marcus Miller, Marcus Miller, Niacin, Marcus Miller, Hiromi Uehara and Hiromi Uehara. from http://www.fusionpointband.com

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