Gábor Juhász

Gabor Juhasz was born in 1968 and has received awards from Gramofon as well as Artisjus. He was awarded the Aegon co-award with Tamas Jonas. He has recorded and played with many well-known jazz musicians. (Archie Shepp. Palle Mikkelborg. Erik Truffaz. Randy Brecker. Stephen James. Bebo Baldan. Federico Sanesi. Theo Jorgensman.) He recorded 60/40 in 2002 under his own name and Palle Mikkelborg. 2006 Juhasz Gabor Trio (Borlai Gerog, Papesch Peter and JG) recorded Fenyek, (Lights), CD 2009. Juhasz’s album called 1978 was released. The album was awarded the “Hungarian Jazz Record Of The Year”, award by Gramofon Magazine’s music critics in 2010. 2011 Budapest CD, Gyemant Balint – JG. 2014 saw the release of Making a Change by Juhasz Gabor (Lukacs Milos, Szalai Peter, JG). He created a new program in 2014, inspired by Franz Schubert’s Winterreise, for the Arcus Temporum festival. Youtube has a 2015 recording of a trio (Kovacs Zltan, Jeszenszky Gorgy, JG), which includes songs that were inspired by Schubert or Bartok. According to jazzma.hu’s readers poll, Gabor Juhasz was named “The Jazz Guitar player-of-the-year in 2015”.

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